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Factors to Consider when Buying Pepper Spray

Whenever you need added protection when walking outdoors, pepper spray can come handy. The spray is not considered a lethal weapon which is why it is a convenient weapon for self-defense. However, while making the purchase, many buyers tend to overlook a number of things which would have otherwise helped them to make a better choice. Some of the tips that can make the purchase smooth areas discussed in this article. View 

Know whether the pepper you intent to buy is legal in your locality. Know all the regulations that govern the use of pepper sprays. It is not considered a lethal weapon, but the user needs to be informed on what is expected o them once they own the spray. The sprays can either be for defense against human attackers, dogs or bears, and you need to be certain of what it is that you need and where you will acquire it. You should establish whether the kind of spray that you need can be acquired from local dealers or has to be ordered online.

Educate yourself on how to use this spray before you make any purchase. You can research on how to use the product, how to conduct yourself in case you spray it on your eyes accidentally and its side effects. The internet is full of information and it should be easy to learn about the spray. Consider learning about the spray before making the purchase. Know how long it takes before a spray needs to be tested or refilled. See 

the other thing you need to consider is the size of the pepper spray. There are keychain units and sizes of fire extinguishers which are majorly used by police to disperse riots. If you desire a spray that will be easy to carry, then the keychain unit can be the best for you. The quantity of chemical in it is however small. A buyer should establish their need and the size that will be the most appropriate.

The patterns of the spray also vary.The the pattern can be a stream which usually targets a long distance and it can be used on a single person in a group. The other spray pattern the mist pattern, where the spray exits the cannister like an insect repellant. It might not travel so far and might contaminate other people around the attacker. The third pattern is the foam pattern which is likened to shaving cream and travels the slowest of the three patterns.

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